Low-Cost Cremation Funeral £895 - No Hidden Charges

Pre Paid Low-Cost Cremation Funeral Service £1495

A pre-paid plan for those wanting no ceremony or fuss.

Included in the price of this plan are:

  • Our professional services for arranging the direct cremation
  • Removal from a hospital mortuary or hospice
  • Care of the deceased
  • A simple cremation coffin and nameplate for identification
  • Conveyance to the crematorium in a hearse
  • A funeral director and staff to carry the coffin into the crematorium
  • Crematorium's fee
  • Doctors' fees for cremation certificates
  • Scattering of cremated remains or hand delivery of ashes to any address in England and Wales.

For those who wish to arrange for their bodies to be cremated with no ceremony or fuss, we can offer the above-pre-paid plan which covers all necessary costs to enable this to happen.

The cost of our plans is inclusive. There are no additional hidden charges.