Low-Cost Cremation Funeral £895 - No Hidden Charges

Low-Cost Funeral Wandsworth

£895 - No Hidden Charges


Low-Cost Cremation Funeral Wandsworth £895 No Hidden Charges

Are you searching for a simple, low-cost budget cremation funeral service in Wandsworth? Then there is no need to look any further!

We are proud to offer an affordable and dignified budget cremation funeral, carried out with care and consideration, our funeral home can be of great help by providing you with a direct budget cremation funeral service Nationwide at an affordable price of £895.

No hidden or extra fees, our inclusive low-cost charge of £895 under normal circumstances, covers everything you may require to provide you with the cheapest funeral possible in the UK.

Our funeral directors can provide residents in Wandsworth and surrounding areas with a simple, budget, direct cremation service as a much cheaper alternative to an expensive all-inclusive funeral.

Our simple, cremation service is designed to provide an affordable solution for those residents in Wandsworth who are on a budget, while still maintaining a high level of dignity and care for the deceased.

We provide our package directly from our funeral home (read more about our funeral home here) to bereaved families in Wandsworth and across the UK.

Are You Searching For A Low-Cost Dignified Cremation Service?

Planning a funeral is a very personal occasion, and the majority of people have individual wishes. Family members who are grieving from the loss of their loved ones may panic or worry over the continuous increase in the cost of funerals.

With that in mind, we have provided you with a simple, low-cost cremation service to give families in Wandsworth with an affordable budget non-attendance service that is simple enough to reduce the costs involved in a cremation funeral significantly.

What Does A Low-Cost Funeral Plan Consist Of?

  • We shall give advice and assistance on registration.
  • Arrangements made on the telephone.
  • We shall pay the doctors fees on your behalf.
  • We will transport your loved one from the hospital or hospice (or a Funeral Directors) onto our premises and into our care.
  • We will make it our utmost importance to take dignified care of your loved one at all times.
  • A beautiful oak-effect veneered coffin.
  • We will arrange Transportation to our local crematorium by Funeral Director / necessary staff on the day.
  • Will include the Crematorium fee.
  • A short service which will include a prayer and a bible reading will be read out by the funeral director at the time of the cremation, on request.
  • We will return your loved one's ashes to their relatives.

If you are searching for a no funeral just budget cremation service in Wandsworth and would like more information on the service we provide, please contact us or phone on 01299 828771.